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Not-for-profit and Marketing Books from
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These very unique resources are in thesaurus form, providing ready-to-use building blocks for the marketer and nonprofit professional  to make the creation of promotional materials faster, easier and more persuasive.  1001 Ways to Say Thank You provides hundreds of ways to  thank, appreciate, honour and celebrate.  Special sections help express apology and condolence.

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Film and TV Adaptations 

Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back televisions series for young people.  
The latest is the Anne of Green Gables, A New Beginning movie




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Hi Gail – I just received the final hardback publication from the Fenn warehouse and I wanted to thank you personally for the superb piece of writing you generated in adapting my screenplay into a book. I am greatly appreciative of your sensitivity and skill at extracting a novel out of a movie. I always felt like your adaptations of the Harper-Collins “
Avonlea” books were equally superb, so I was pleased to recommend you to Jordan Fenn. Thank you so much for accepting this assignment."  

   Kevin Sullivan

Multiple Emmy and Peabody award-winning producer
Founder, Sullivan Entertainment Group

Romance Novels

          New!  Gail's latest novel now available!

          The Tomorrow Country

In London of the1870s, new wealth and staggering poverty smash the old order. Rich and poor alike claw to better their place in the treacherous turbulence. The social ferment reaches even a newborn baby, abandoned in a gutter, who stubbornly refuses to die. Young Katie’s fight to beat the odds as a street child brings together a crazily diverse rebel crew who also refuse to be bested by their society.

When genteel radicals, pioneers of the Home Children movement, create a scheme to give destitute youngsters new lives in Canada, they little guess their unorthodox fundraising efforts will trigger a blazing battle of ambitions stretching from the lowest criminal dives into the path of the Prince of Wales himself. A battle that threatens to undo them all.

From this rousing mix of social climbers, demimonde intrigue, sensual appetite, ingenious theft, glorious talent and renegade lovers emerges a new breed who fling off the constraints of the Old World. Reaching for the freedom of the New, they become Canadians-in-the-making, longing to trade England at her peak for a wild risk on infant Canada, the tomorrow country.  But will they prove tough enough, brash enough to win this daring dream?

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