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Let's face it, raising money today is tougher than ever.  You face challenges all day long. 

  • You are on deadline to write a grant proposal on which the future of your project -- or even your organization -- depends.  You need to make it really work.

  • You run a small charity and struggle to create all the fundraising appeals for the donations you desperately need to keep you going through your most demanding season. How you wish you
    had a helping hand.

  • You have to give heartfelt speeches, write persuasive letters and communicate convincingly to  prospects considering a crucial major gift.  You know the right words make all the difference.

  • Your current fundraising efforts are not just pulling in enough to fill your needs and you know you need to add much more punch.  But how?

  • You are a copywriter or fundraising consultant under pressure to produce something as superb as your last
    effort -- only different.  You need fresh ideas, fast.

  • Staff, volunteers, sponsors, loyal donors, program participants and those you are helping all look to you every day for encouragement, progress, hope and appreciation.  You can't ever afford to run out of words.

The Fundraiser's Phrase Book was Created for You!

What started out as a secret stash of super-effective phases has grown into a massive thesaurus of fundraising language almost 500 pages in length.  You won't find a huge, specialized, incredibly useful, nonprofit reference book like it anywhere.

After years as a nonprofit copywriter, I realized there was a pool of language out there that really works.  Certain words, certain phrases brought in the donations time after time.  I began to horde these money-making gems, study them, organize them.    

If you've ever written anything, you know how much time it can take to craft the perfect piece, to find just the right expressions to tell your story, move hearts and, most of all, move friends and strangers alike to help your very worthy cause with their generosity.  How wonderful it would be, I thought, to have all that vast pool of donation-pulling language all in one place.  

So, I created the Fundraiser's Phrase Book, a work that took years in the making and designed to cover every possible need of the nonprofit writer.

First, I made it easy to use.

The Fundraiser's Phrase Book is in fast-access thesaurus form, arranged by key word, 
with tons of alternate meanings and word choices. Everything is arranged so you can find exactly what you want right away.

Look up a keyword such as "HEART" and get a moving list of phrases containing that word ("only a heart of granite could turn away", "I know your heart rushes out", etc.).  
You will also find alternate words for "HEART" such as "spirit", "soul", "courage", "passion", "core", "essence", and more, along with a list of related keywords pointing you to yet more awesome choices.  It's all together in one place so you have instant building blocks for your work a well as a gusher of fresh concepts you can put to work immediately.


"What a great idea! Old hands like me often need some starter phrases. Entry level fundraisers can quickly find a phrase without trying to invent the wheel!"
Jerry Huntsinger


Inside the book, you will:

Find hundreds of ways to ask for help, support, donations, gifts, contributions, assistance, aid, sponsorship, MONEY, members, volunteers, and much more.

Discover the "trigger" words that sent donors reaching for their cheque books

Choose from columns of creative, donor-friendly salutations and signatures as well as clever envelope teasers and urgings your lapsed donors and members can't resist.

Work with dozens of ways to word your reply device, name exchange and package duplication issues.

Communicate in a warm, one-to-one manner. Give that one-of-the-family feeling as you get your message across with powerful emotional impact.

Ideas, ideas, ideas!! The books acts as an natural idea bank, providing hordes of ideas you can easily adapt to your special needs.

Plus large additional sections dealing with:

  •   The Internet - Language to help you succeed in today's digital world

  •   Sweepstakes and Contests - Liven up these tried and true fundraising tools

  •   Telephone Campaigns - Help your telephone campaigns pay off big

  •   Saying Thank You - Thank your donors with warm sincerity

Want to see for yourself?  Look at a sample entry.


"I want to buy the Fundraiser’s Phrase book (for the 6th time, as I keep giving it away to aspiring copywriters) as well as your 1001 Ways to Say Thank You that someone has recommended to me."
Tamara Alexander, CFRE, Senior Strategist, Touchworks Communications Inc.


Look at everything you get!

Table of Contents

How to Use the Phrases 
Sample Entry 

Section One
Fundraising Phrases 

Section Two
Contests and Sweepstakes 

Section Three
Internet and Technology 

Section Four
Telephone Fundraising 

Section Five
Saying Thank You 

Section Six
Donor Renewal 
Lapsed Donor 
Lapsed Member 
Monthly or Sustained Giving


Section Seven
Beginnings and Transitions 

Section Eight
Address Verification
Name Exchange .
Package Duplication 
Reply Devices .
Monthly or Sustained Giving Reply 
Envelope Teasers 

Perhaps you have a few questions.

Q: My job covers so many different kinds of communications, not just grants and fundraising packages.  What else can  I use it for?
Use dynamic phrases from the FUNDRAISER'S PHRASE BOOK to construct:

Terrific public relations, marketing
   and promotional campaigns

  • Impressive business letters

  • Crisp, clear reports

  • Dynamite speeches

  • Emails that get immediate attention

  • Gripping presentations

  • Convincing proposals

  • Sure-fire grant applications

  • Friendly newsletters

  • Anything else you need to write

Q:  I operate on a shoestring.  Is this book for me?
A:  This book is especially for you.  By helping you produce your own fundraising materials you are saving the expense of hiring outside expertise and, at the same time, boosting your donations.  The end result is more money for your cause.

Q:  I am a nonprofit consultant of many years' experience.  Why do I need one more book on my desk?
A:  No doubt you are an expert in your field -- with so much knowledge packed away that you've probably forgotten how much you really know.  Wouldn't it be great to have thousands of little reminders helping you pop open that great filing cabinet in your head?  Uncover gems you haven't seen for a while, see them from a fresh angle, and combine them into hot new strategies for today's urgent needs. The book pays for itself the first time it saves one hour of your valuable time!

Q:  I've started doing things the same way all the time.  I think I'm in a rut.
A:  You ARE in a rut!  And you can't afford to stay there.  The Fundraiser's Phrase Book provides you with thousands of new phrases you can use to revitalize your work.  It also offers you IDEAS! Take any phrase, rework it to suit your needs.  Most of all, extract the concept from it and, presto, you have a whole platter of brand new ideas to use or help you brainstorm even more.

Q:  I'm new to the nonprofit field.  Am I too inexperienced to use this book?
A:  Absolutely not!  You'll learn to use effective fundraising language right from the start.  You'll save yourself a lot of struggle and give yourself a big advantage as you make your way forward.

Q:  Who's been ordering the Fundraiser's Phrase Book?
 A:  Universities, colleges, hospital and educational foundations, health advocates, youth associations, peace organizations, environmental groups, social agencies, food banks, companies promoting fundraising products, consultants and many others wanting to give themselves an edge in a highly competitive area.

Q:  Is there a guarantee?
Yes.  I'm so certain you will love this book that I'm offering an iron-clad, risk-free guarantee.  If, for any reason, you do not wish to keep your Fundraiser's Phrase Book, just return it within sixty days and your money (less shipping) will be cheerfully refunded in full, no questions asked.

The Fundraisier's Phrase Book is about engineering your communications. The book is ... a list of building blocks that you can actually use in your letters, proposals or goes a long way to sparking your creativity, and offers an easy escape hatch when you just can't find the right words yourself.
Canadian Fundraiser
"It was great to see delegates who had bought a copy the previous year warmly and enthusiastically endorse your book to colleagues and easily persuade another to purchase. The new Deluxe Edition should now be the standard for everyone -- it was an easy sale."
Geoffrey Dean, The Book Pro, bookseller to Canadian AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Congresses where the Fundraiser's Phrase Book was a consistent top seller.


When A Phrase is Worth A Thousand Bucks

So you've got a great program for children that deserves funding -- but you've got writer's block. Or the prospect of writing a proposal terrifies you. What to do? Fundraising expert Gail Hamilton says all you may need is the right phrase.

Hamilton is the author of the Fundraiser's Phrase Book, a compilation of thousands of phrases that can be dropped right into fundraising appeals or that can be used to spark your own thinking.

The material in her books is divided by key words. Look up "childhood", for instance, and you'll find phrases such as "Children too famished even to cry" and "These children are counting on you". Under "Partner" are such phrases as "I'm inviting you today to become a partner in" and "You are the perfect partner."

Use these phrases as "construction blocks", Hamilton recommends.

Like all fields, fundraising has a "pool of language" that its practitioners rely upon, Hamilton says. Her books draw from this pool. The phrases have been "honed over years of use" and are effective because they express ideas clearly.
Children & Youth Funding Report


Read More Reviews.  See what others are saying!

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P.S. If you've ever struggled to find exactly the right expression you know how much you are going to use the Fundraiser's Phrase Book.

P.P.S. There is no other book like this one for non-for-profit professionals like you.  It's a book you will have open on your desk every day.  The phrases and ideas help you build top-class fundraising and promotional material.  So get ready to save time and boost your results.  Order the Fundraiser's Phrase Book now while you can still get your 25% discount and the wonderful bonus book, 1001 Ways to Say Thank You.

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Got a product, service or idea to promote?
Check out the Marketing Phrase Book.

Write lots of thank you notes?
Check out 1001 Ways to Say Thank You.



Not-for-profit and Marketing Books 

These very unique resources are in thesaurus form, providing ready-to-use building blocks for the marketer and nonprofit professional  to make the creation of promotional materials faster, easier and more persuasive.  1001 Ways to Say Thank You provides hundreds of ways to  thank, appreciate, honour and celebrate.  Special sections help express apology and condolence.


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