How Does the Marketing Phrase Book Work?

Easy! Look up your key word alphabetically. Find a ton of phrases featuring it Along with lots of cross-referencing and alternate word choices. Simply apply the phrases to the product or service you are promoting to create terrific sales material. You're sure to spot the exactly the expression you're looking for when:

  • You know what you want to say but just can't put your finger on the right words

  • You want to expand, update and revitalize your words

  • You need that special spark to jump start your imagination

As an example, suppose you want to promote the sale of roses from your florist shop. Look up "Best" and choose a phrase, such as, "only the best will do".


  • The best for everyone
  • When only the best will do
  • Bringing the best to you
  • Doing whatever it takes to bring you the best
  • Find the one that's best for you
  • Inspired every day to be the best
  • The best has gotten even better
  • The biggest, fastest and best can be found right here
  • And best of all
  • Best in the industry
  • Settle or nothing less than the best
  • For those who desire only the best
  • You'll know instantly that it's the best
  • And, best of all
  • Be sure you have the best
  • The best for your peace of mind
  • You deserve the very best
  • Next best thing to
  • The best thing since
  • The best need not be the most expensive
  • Our best ever selection of
  • The best deals are here
  • The best in town
  • We saved the best for you
  • Bringing you the very best available
  • Why let it get the best of you
  • Don't give it less than your best
  • Absolutely the best on the web
  • One of the very best things about it is
  • You always want the best for yourself 
    and your family
  • Serving you the best since
  • Get our best deal ever
  • Very simply, the best savings we've ever
  • It really is the best of all possible worlds
  • The best you've ever seen
  • The best stands out naturally
  • Claim the best as your own
    ETC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Best: excellent, unexcelled, unparalleled, unsurpassed, fine, superfine, first-class, first-rate, crack, superior, choice, select, top, tip-top, tops, paramount, capital, outstanding, foremost, preeminent, venerable, highest, peerless, perfect, superlative, consummate, pure, genuine, sterling, gilt-edged, sound, wholesome, golden, advantageous, best-suited, right, correct, fitting, apt, enviable, covetable, supreme


Look up "GUARANTEE" and choose a phrase such as, "great low prices guaranteed".


  • Best guarantee in the business
  • Remember, we guarantee it
  • Guaranteed to warm your heart
  • Best price guarantee you'll ever find
  • Our price guarantee lets you relax
  • Guaranteed to please
  • A guarantee like no other
  • Lifetime guarantee, lifetime satisfaction
  • Unparalleled guarantee with written references
  • There's now only one way to guarantee
  • Backed by our famous guarantee
  • Guaranteed to blow you away
  • Our no-nonsense guarantee gives you peace of mind
  • Great low prices guaranteed
  • Unconditional, money-back guarantee
  • Guaranteed in writing
  • Plus a top-notch product guarantee
  • Guaranteed by law
  • Guaranteed forever
  • A guarantee like no other
  • At guaranteed low prices
  • No matter what happens, you have our guarantee
  • Guaranteed in writing
  • A guarantee like no other


  • Unconditionally guaranteed for life
  • Great low prices guaranteed
  • Our word is our guarantee
  • You are guaranteed to benefit from
  • Offering the best guarantee in the business
  • An unconditional guarantee with absolutely no risk on your part
  • Price match guarantee
  • Everything is back by our famous guarantee
  • Back by our iron clad, risk free guarantee
  • Who could resist a guarantee like this
  • Guaranteed to make your mind explode
  • Guaranteed built-in wow factor
  • You are guaranteed to find what you need
    ETC . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Guarantee: warranty, protection, indemnity, certainty, pledge, promise, assurance, word, agreement, contract, recommendation, covenant, endorsement, collateral, ensure, secure, vouch, certify, sponsor, underwrite, countersign, sponsor, swear to, affirm

Look up "SELECT" and choose as phrase such as "help you select exactly the product you need".


  • That's why we won't select just any
  • Only a select group of agents will carry and sell
  • Select quality for special customers
  • Every item has been hand-selected
  • Will help you select exactly the product you need
  • Become on of a very select few
  • So honored that you have selected us
  • Select the one that's right for you
  • Lovingly selected from our best
  • You have been specially selected to receive
  • Makes it easy to select
  • Selected from thousands across the country
  • The reason we're so selective is
  • Selected by a person of taste and refinement
  • ETC................
    See also:  CHOOSE


Look up "CARE" and choose a phrase such as "show that special someone how much you care".


  • How you take care of yourself says a lot about you
  • We care about what you have to say
  • So we can take even better care of you
  • You want to be able to take care of yourself
  • Easy-care convenience
  • Visit our care center
  • When you really care, you want nothing but the best
  • Care, convenience and confidentiality
  • Show that special someone how much you care
  • We care about the way our product works for you
  • Still made with good old-fashioned care
  • Caring for you, day and night
  • We show how much we care
  • We care about your complete satisfaction
  • Easy care convenience
  • Clearly care about quality
  • Visit our care center today
  • It's important to know how to care for
  • How you take care of yourself says a lot about you.
  • You want to be able to take care of yourself
  • Nobody cares more than we do
  • Caring that comes right from the heart
  • We care, with flair
  • Built with passion and care
  • Always taking care to do it right
  • ETC . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Care: attention, vigilance, caution, watchfulness, concern, regard, mindfulness, consciousness, prudence, awareness, circumspection, care for, watch out for, look after, be concerned for, attend to, deal with, take up, take action on, cherish, protection, safeguard

Sample Passage you might quickly and easily construct using the above phrases:

"When only the finest will do, send red roses. An armful of lush, fragrant blooms is far more affordable than you think. For the month of June, great low prices are guaranteed. Our friendly staff will help you select exactly the roses you need to show that special someone how much you care." 

Plus You Get These Large, Specialized Sections

         Internet Selling: Helping you in fiercely competitive online marketplace.
         Contests and Sweepstakes: 
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Persuasively craft those all-important sales calls.
         Saying No:
The gracious, tactful way to say no.
         Saying Thanks:  Warmly thank your clients, customers, colleagues,  
          friends and prospects.
         Apology: A sincere apology works wonders.


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