Would You Find Writing Ads, Sales Letters and Articles
Easier if
You had 432 Pages of Sales-Pulling,
Ready-to-use Marketing Words at Your Fingertips?

The Marketing Phrase Book

Professional Edition
Gives you thousands of powerful marketing words and phrases to help you create the promotions and give you the keywords you need to succeed. These words sell millions of dollars worth of products and services every day. Now they're at your fingertips, ready to pull in dollars for you!


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Dear Marketer,

You know the struggle it can be to come up with the right words to do your selling. Itís tough for experienced copywriters like me. And if youíre a newbie, sometimes you donít know where to begin. And youíve got to start making money fast.  If you're an old hand, you can really appreciate a huge source of new ideas.

So Iíve spent years putting together a dynamic tool for those facing a blank screen and the urgent need to produce words that sell! This book began as my own top secret file of persuasive phrases and kept growing as I realized there is a pool of potent marketing language that brings in sales the world over. Now it is meticulously gathered and organized and ready to go to work for you.

Keyword searchers, imagine having hundreds of pages of potent keyword suggestions!  And in combinations that are human-crafted, NOT computer generated.  Word combinations the computer won't think of, give you an edge, diversity and niche-finding head start you won't get in any other place. 

Article writers, the more articles you produce in a short time, the more traffic you get to your site and the more money you make.  The Marketing Phrase Book provides you with instant building blocks to help you quickly whip up positive articles abounding in power words, snappy transitions and SEO happy key words.

Newbies, are you trying to put together ads, sale presentations and a convincing web site? You'll be so relieved to find the language that sells has been put in all in one place for you to learn and put to work instantly.

Small business owners, you probably canít afford high-paid writers and consultants. Grab this way to easily put together your own marketing Ė and make it work.

Marketing and PR pros, you are pressed to turn out one impressive marketing piece after another. Give yourself a secret weapon to widen your range and keep several jumps ahead of those rushing deadlines.

Copywriters, you KNOW the value of having a jumbo source of inspiration right by your keyboard.  When youíre stuck, look up some phrases to get your juices flowing. Presto, a whole new burst of creativity results, upping your turnaround speed -- and your income.

Web Designers, you're a whiz at the technical side, but you might need a boost with the words. Well, relief for all techies is at hand with the Marketing Phrase Book. Reach in and find the words you need to make your web pages shine in both message and design.

Set Up to Give You Effective Marketing Material Quickly

The phrases are organized in easy-to-use bulleted lists  under key words from    ABILITY, ACCESS and ACHIEVEMENT to ZAP, ZERO, ZING and ZONE complete with cross referencing and lots of valuable alternate word choices.  
To see exactly how it works,  look inside the book.

You will be able to:

  • Use the phrases as building blocks to easily create 
    dynamic, effective promotions.

  • Easily adapt the phrases to suit your special needs for custom-made 

  • Discover all the "trigger" words that trigger the search engines and set customers reaching for their credit cards.


Finding that fresh new idea is often the hardest part. The Marketing Phrase Book acts as a giant idea bank containing hordes of fresh new possibilities  for you.

Plus You Get These Large Special Sections

  • Internet Selling: Gives you the high-speed language of the web. Internet Marketers and web content providers will love this one.

  • Internet Selling: Gives you the high-speed language of the web. Internet Marketers and web content providers will love this one.

  • Contests and Sweepstakes: Quickly set up those big draw contests that bring customers stampeding in -- and make you come out a winner.

  • Telemarketing: Turn your telephone into an even more effective sales tool.

  • Saying No: When you can't oblige, find the right words to say no with tact.

  • Saying Thanks: Thank your clients, customers, colleagues, friends and prospects with warmth and sincerity.

  • Apology: Don't let mistakes hurt your business. Find graceful ways to smooth the waters when apology is needed.


But Wait!  There's More -- Really!

  • Exclamations: Choose from columns of red-hot exclamations 
    for when you really need to make them sit up and take notice. "Thumbs up! Try something wild! , Unbeatable buy!  Updated daily!  Special invitation! Reach for the stars...."

  • Name that Sale: Don't know what to call your big promotion? Mix and match from columns of hot entries to name that sale! Customers will flock your way. "Million Dollar Blowout, Buckbuster, Spectacular, Cash and Carry Sale-a-thon, Lucky Saturday Giveaway, Renovation Clean Sweep..."

  • Utility Phrases: Find pages of all those crucial bridge words and phrases you need to tie your ideas together and make your promotions flow convincingly. "Assuredly, simply put, categorically, equally important, thanks to, better still...."

  • Reply Coupons: Persuasive wordings for the all-important  reply coupon that closes your sale -- on the web or off.

  • Envelope Teasers: Tantalize them into eagerly ripping open your marketing letter -- or grabbing your web offer.

  • Colors: Hundreds of wildly imaginative color names so you'll never be stuck again for an alluring product description. Not just red, but carmine, beet, poppy, rooster, blush, cerise, Russian, grenadier, rampage, madder, etc.... Not just white, but coconut, mother-of-pearl, buttermilk, icing sugar, mist, vanilla, oyster, arctic......

  • Power Words: Pages of power words give you the priceless core vocabulary of selling. These are the magic words that inform, excite, persuade and sell. Words like "gargantuan, sassy, knockout, spellbinding, unforgettable, power-packed, explosive, seductive, super cool...."  
    This section alone is worth many times the price of the book!


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"This is my secret weapon for writing sales letters that break records, news releases that nail attention, and ads that pull in orders. I keep it by my left arm, right beside my coffee and my cat. I'm sorry to see it get nationally distributed, as now everyone will have the power to sell more with words."  
Joe "Mr. Fire!" Vitale, Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Author, "There is a Customer Born Every    Minute!" www.mrfire.com

How does it work?  Look inside the book.

"The printer is screaming for final copy on your brochure, but you're not sure what to say. How do you phrase your sales pitch so that it doesn't sound like one? Toronto copywriter, Gail Hamilton has published the Marketing Phrase Book to ensure you're never at a loss for words when writing presentations, ads and promotions. The book includes dynamic phrases, "trigger words", attention-grabbing exclamations and "power words" to help you close your next sale."
  Profit. The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs

Now Iíll tell you what this book is not.

  • It is not a huge print, swimming with white space, hastily thrown together information product for fast sale. It is really packed.  No space is wasted so you can have even more money-making info.

  • It is not a quick e-book that you will skim once and lose the next time your hard drive crashes. You can flip the Marketing Phase Book open at breakfast, on the patio, even in the bathtub without firing up your computer.  You'll keep using it no matter how many digital devices come and go in your life.

  • It is not a mystery, with a lot of hype about "exploding your sales through the roof" that you canít examine until you hand over your cash. Go straight to the sample page and youíll see exactly what youíre getting. If youíve ever tried to write anything, I trust youíll instantly understand the value of this book. 
    Look inside the book.

It's a Foundation Reference book youíll use for years!

Youíll have a thorough, substantial multi-use handbook to help you make your way in todayís crowded marketplace. It is meant to become dog-eared and coffee stained and marked with big, happy exclamation marks when you strike just the words that bring customers flocking.

This  reliable friend will hugely enhance software programs, e-books, marketing systems and all the other tools in your promotional tool kit. Adaptable to all promotional media, it helps your business - and your profits  - grow every day. 

"If you can spare an inch or two on the bookshelf, the Marketing Phrase Book will provide you with words and terms designed to create winning promotional pieces."
Contact, Canada's Sales and Marketing Magazine
     The magazine of the Canadian Professional Sales Association


"Looking for tricks on how to sell a new client's products? Want to come up with some copy that will knock the socks off your boss? Sure you are; all businesses depend on successful promotions for survival. Order the Marketing Phrase Book by Gail Hamilton and be on your way to writing sales and promotional copy that could sell ice to Eskimos."

"This informative book from Hamilton House publications is packed with "power words" that are the indispensable jargon of marketers; crucial bridge words which smoothly link ideas; suggestions for that all-important reply coupon; hundreds of attention-getting, ready-to-use exclamations; synonyms; and a chart which allows you to combine words from two lists to produce a compelling and motivational title for sales. This handy book can aid your marketing at all levels and save you the cost of hiring outside experts to spice up your marketing campaigns."

       Target Marketing Magazine

The information in this book -- which you won't find anywhere else -- is worth much more than the cover price!

You probably think that such a massive collection of unique keyword possibilities, idea generators and marketing language, incredibly valuable to internet marketers, would be going for $88, $97 or even way over $100.

Instead, it's yours for only $45.95!

Don't wait another moment to get your copy.  Remember, this book pays for itself the first time it saves an hour of your  time and pulls in that first extra sale!

Marketing Phrase Book
Professional Edition

432 pages
ISBN 978-0-9680853-9-4,  $45.95   


Risk Free, Sixty Day Money Back Guarantee!
If, for any reason, you don't love the great info in the Marketing
Phrase Book, your money (less shipping) will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked.

P.S. Do you really want to be without a huge marketing resource that took years to put together and will be open on your desk every day helping you market?

P.P.S.  Whether you are a newbie or an old pro, this book is designed for you.  Article writers, SEO searchers, copywriters, small business owners and marketers of all types, this book can't help but give you a better competitive edge.  So make sure your copy is on it's way to you today!

Also Available:  A streamlined edition for those with more modest marketing needs.

Standard Edition:
352 pages. Gives you over 280 pages of  marketing phrases plus power words, exclamations, names for your big sale, reply coupon wordings and utility phrases.

Standard Edition, ISBN 09980853-4-2   

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